From the beginning, we wanted to bring honest, clean, simple, and delicious food to our customers at Ruka. What we started to create was a perfect HAMBURGER.

We focus on fresh ingredient which we source from local producers and minimize the logistic chain to guarantee fresh, tasty burgers. We don't focus on anything else, so we don't get distracted from the most important things. If you want to have the best burger in northern Finland, you have found the right place! OK?

Local Quality
Ingredients = 
TASTY as hell

We always source our ingredients from as nearby as possible. We try to use local producers to minimize the logistical chain from our food. There is no tricks, our meat is just top-quality ground beef, slipped between an excellent bun.

We make our signature mayo ourselves and smoke the bacon right on the spot. We want to ensure that you always get as tasty a burger as possible, even when this means more work for us. We are here to serve you!


throw them into the furnace of fire

Matthew 13:50


"Burger is
the new black."


of taste since '88

The guy behind the delicious hamburger and restaurant daily operations has a number of years of know-how when it comes to taste and food. This guy is called Jari. He is passionate generator of new flavours and experiences. He knows the meaning of learning and hospitality when developing restaurant experience. By the way, you can find him from the picture below the left. 

At RUOK we want you to enjoy yourself while at the same time taking care of you. This is where the name "ARE YOU OK (ruOK?)" comes from.

The RUOK burger is part of family venture that you may know already since the mouthwatering wood oven baked pizzas at Pizzeria Ruka. The pizza joint has been operating from the early days since '88, but this isn't enough. The passion for food and drive for hospitality drives us also to create magnificent burgers. We believe that, made with honesty and good ingredients, and above all kept simple, the hamburger is a pleasure. On picture below the right you can see me, Henrik (venture ceo) explaining something about making perfect pizza dough.

"Our burger is a piece of meat and a bun with something on it. It's simple but it seems to make a lot of people happy" - RUOK Burger




During summer:

Mon-Sat 12-21

Sun 12-18

Kitchen closes half hour before restaurant closing